Who decides when your show is a success?

A question was posted recently on a trade show forum asking readers if there is a ratio of attendees to booths that can be used to measure an event’s success.  I felt compelled to respond although I knew my answer to this person’s question was probably not what they had hoped for or expected.  Here then was my response. . .

In my opinion, there is no ratio of attendees to exhibitors that would be meaningful in any way, let alone determine your event’s “success.”  OK, perhaps you could devise a formula (or adopt someone else’s rule-of-thumb) for determining success, but it would only be your (i.e., the show organizer’s) definition of success.  But I don’t believe that’s particularly relevant or useful.  The only measurement of success that matters (again, in my opinion) is your exhibitor retention rate.  Exhibitors (at least the ones that actually care about investing their marketing dollars wisely, which these days is most of them) decide whether or not a particular show is “successful” based on how they performed against their own goals and objectives.  

Most exhibitors are looking to connect with a specific subset of attendees.  If the folks they want to meet are there, you have done your job (and by “you” I mean you and your exhibitors because it is – or at least should be – a joint effort after all).  Most exhibitors would probably be delighted if attendance was limited only to those individuals who meet that company’s own, specific qualifications.  Aisles crowded with tire-kickers and others who are not (and will not be) interested in a given exhibitor’s products or services just serve to make the “haystack” larger and the “needles” harder to find.

Success of EAG’s 360° Review Leads to Long-Term Engagement with NSTA

Contact:  Karen Vogel

Success of Event Advisory Group’s 360° Review Leads to Long-Term Engagement with National Science Teachers Association

Fairfax, VA, August 29, 2017 – National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) has contracted with Event Advisory Group (EAG), an event consulting firm, to continue supporting the organization to improve the performance of their event portfolio based on the recommendations EAG made after conducting their unbiased 360° Review this past spring.

The three month long process involved a thorough review and analysis of NSTA’s National Conference, three Regional Conferences, and the STEM Conference, including financials, branding, programming, sales and marketing initiatives, data, processes and contracts.  EAG identified several areas where NSTA can improve the financial and operational performance of their events, reduce costs and increase efficiencies, as well as increase the brand and member value they provide.  EAG delivered to NSTA a comprehensive report detailing financial projections, actionable intelligence and recommendations they can execute in the short term and over the next several years to ensure event profitability and sustainable growth. 

Realizing the importance of implementing EAG’s recommendations and the need to do so in the most efficient and effective manner possible, NSTA has engaged EAG to serve as an extension of their staff for the next 12 months in support of their conference, marketing and sales teams in the planning and implementation of new programs, initiatives and technologies. 

“Working with EAG has been a most rewarding experience.  What a pleasure to work with such a team of competent, friendly and experienced individuals!” stated Delores Howard, NSTA’s associate executive director for conferences and exhibits/sales.  “EAG’s 360° Review was efficient, thorough, focused and invaluable to the enhanced success of our event portfolio.” 

“NSTA provides unparalleled education content for teachers, and marketing opportunities to companies wanting to reach science educators,” stated Rick Dobson, one of the EAG partners.  “Our team has thoroughly enjoyed working with the NSTA staff.  They are clearly eager to consider new strategies and programs that have the potential to reach a wider audience, as well as improve the financial and brand performance of their events.”

“NSTA is especially excited about the potential growth that will be realized through our continued partnership with EAG,” said Ms. Howard.  “We look forward to working with the EAG partners over the next 12 months to implement the recommendations from their 360° review.  We are confident this will result in improved efficiencies in our conference and exhibit operations as well as greater financial success.”

“We look forward to helping guide NSTA over the coming months to take full advantage of revenue-producing opportunities, streamline operations, and implement new technologies and outside resources to build a successful foundation that will ensure continued growth for their events and the organization,” stated Mike Muldoon, an EAG partner.

About Event Advisory Group 
Event Advisory Group is a creative team of proven event management experts that partner with associations, for-profit trade show organizers, and corporations to help maximize the financial, brand, and operational performance of their events.  EAG’s partners have worked with countless trade associations, event organizers, and companies, improving exhibit sales and attendance, turning around declining event revenues, as well as launching new events and programs that achieve clients’ financial and brand goals.  Their 360° review helps clients to focus their time and resources on the initiatives that will give them the best return on their investment, and if needed, our team can continue to support event teams to successfully plan and execute recommendations in all areas – marketing, sales, operations, budgeting, strategic partners, technology, meeting planning and contract negotiations – ensuring clients achieve revenue and attendance goals and enterprise objectives. We pride ourselves in our ability to develop strategies that achieve goals and objectives, while exceeding our client’s expectations.
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About NSTA
The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), founded in 1944 and headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, is the largest organization in the world committed to promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all. NSTA’s current membership of 55,000 includes science teachers, science supervisors, administrators, scientists, business and industry representatives, and others involved in and committed to science education.