Event Performance

The EAG Event Performance blog provides best practices, strategies, tips, information and research to help event organizers overcome challenges and generate better results for their events.

The Virtual Event Explosion

How to separate fact from fiction when transforming your live event to a virtual one COVID-19 has been a major disruption in the event industry. Restrictions on travel and holding large trade shows, conferences and even small meetings is causing associations and event organizers to scramble and find virtual alternatives for their cancelled or postponed … Continue reading “The Virtual Event Explosion”

Need to reimagine your event or improve results but your organization is stuck in the past?

The realization that changes are needed for your event can creep up slowly or come suddenly. New executive leadership, missed financial goals, a competitive threat, downturn in the economy or other disruptions can really rock the boat for associations. An event operation once perceived as efficient and steady can suddenly seem inflexible and reactive, making … Continue reading “Need to reimagine your event or improve results but your organization is stuck in the past?”

Are You Tripping Over Dollars to Pick Up Pennies?

Recently a meeting planner was struggling with what she perceived to be a serious problem. The issue was that speakers who chose the special no-cost speaker registration option (which does not include any meal functions) were attending meal functions anyway. Her inclination going forward was to reinforce the rule in writing to speakers, as well as policing … Continue reading “Are You Tripping Over Dollars to Pick Up Pennies?”

Who decides when your show is a success?

A question was posted recently on a trade show forum asking readers if there is a ratio of attendees to booths that can be used to measure an event’s success. I felt compelled to respond although I knew my answer to this person’s question was probably not what they had hoped for or expected. Here then was … Continue reading “Who decides when your show is a success?”