Event Management Services


The most skillfully constructed initiatives have the potential for failure simply because of the time and attention required to facilitate change management and new strategies.

Organizations rely more and more on non-dues revenue sources from events, and without a consistent and reliable performance, leadership may be forced to reduce staff or make budget cuts, putting tremendous pressure on the event team to produce more with less. EAG enables our clients to realize their goals by providing expert leadership and execution services that can enable your team to achieve success.

Until now, organizations had only two options: execute their events with limited resources and temp staff and hope for the best, or outsource the management of the event to a 3rd party, losing control of the brand and member/exhibitor relationships as well as a good portion of revenue generated from the event. EAG recognized a need for a different type of event support and created two ways clients can get the support they need.

Event Advisory Support: EAG works alongside your event team, providing expert leadership guidance, implementation tools and approaches, and execution support to ensure your event team achieves goals and overcomes challenges.

Event Management & Execution Services: EAG can fully manage and execute event sales, marketing and operations activities for those organizations that do not have the internal resources or proficiency, or implement specific projects while the event team is executing core responsibilities.

We ‘connect the dots’ between departments and processes, helping staff members to better collaborate and support each other to achieve financial targets as well as event objectives. Together, we review progress, anticipate pitfalls and proactively adjust the course of the plan as needed to ensure that the established goals for the event are always in sight.

EAG can provide advisory and full management & execution services in these critical areas:

  • Sales: EAG provides sales management and execution support for exhibit booth space and sponsorship sales, as well as specific project support, including lead generation campaigns, prospect database growth, onsite space draw management and priority point system strategies.
  • Branding: EAG can reimagine your event brand by developing a strong brand identity, and greatly improve your event’s online brand presence with a new or redesigned website that’s secure, search optimized and mobile enable, improving page rankings, website traffic and lead capture.
  • Marketing: From attendee marketing campaign design to strategies that will improve paid registrations and retention, EAG can support your efforts to increase attendance, deliver an expanded audience of quality buyers and create better engagement with peers and exhibitors.
  • Education Programming: Designing content that is aligned with market needs and attendee personas is critical to delivering the right audience. EAG can help education teams and committees to improve strategic content planning, abstract and speaker management processes, speaker identification and more to fulfill education for all target roles and industry segments
  • Operations: Selecting the right location and venue for your event is critical to its success, yet many organizations select location based on costs or internal decisions. Destination is the second largest driver of event attendance, and EAG can help your organization select locations and venues right for your audience and event. EAG can also assist with hotel/convention center and vendor contract negotiations and logistics and meeting planning management.
  • Technology: Technology can enable strategies and help to achieve goals, but too often organizations struggle with implementation and never fully realize the value of their investment. EAG helps organizations identify the right event and business solutions and navigate the change management process to enable success, including:
    • Exhibit sales / CRM solutions, online space contracts and floorplan management
    • Speaker and abstract management
    • Registration and lead retrieval
    • Marketing automation platforms, social media management and website content management systems
    • Business matchmaking and appointment scheduling
    • New technologies like chatbots, AI and more

Instead of hiring consultants that spend time learning about the event business before they provide any value, EAG has the in-depth experience in every aspect of events and can provide expert advice, sound strategies and ideas, and execution support that will ensure your team achieves established goals and improves event results.

Knowing that “tune-ups” to the plan may be required, new obstacles may arise, or your organization wants to launch a new event, EAG remains a trusted resource available for continued advice and execution support as long as our clients need help.