Event Workforce Solutions


EAG provides expert event resources to temporarily fill an event leadership position or support a team until an organization can fully staff positions and execute in-house.

There are many reasons new initiatives fail and events don’t achieve desired results, including:

  • Lack of proper resources for workload peaks or implementing new initiatives or technologies.
  • No succession planning in place to prevent major disruptions in event execution.
  • Teams are overworked and staff fall into the trap of implementing the same strategies year after year, expecting different results which don’t materialize (insanity!).

Implementing a major new initiative, project or event can be a very daunting and a time-consuming process. Your staff already has their hands full managing their day-to-day responsibilities. Adding more work to an already taxed team can lead to staff frustration and increase the probability of failure for the initiative or event. There are a lot of great ideas and new events that never achieve their potential or end up getting cancelled but could succeed if the organization resourced them properly.

EAG can help organizations develop and execute many new initiatives and concepts, achieving enterprise objectives and revenue targets. Some of the projects EAG has helped to plan and execute include:

  • New trade show, conference or event concept
  • Rebranding and expansion of an existing event
  • New pavilion, event-within-an-event or exhibit area
  • Online education platform for live streaming and on demand education
  • Matchmaking and appointment setting program

EAG can provide expert resources at the right time to implement a new initiative, cover peak workload times, fill an interim leadership position, or support a team until key positions are filled.

EAG can also help your organization with job descriptions, skill sets needed, and identify recruiting resources to fill positions quickly with the right expertise, as well as support leadership succession planning, so your organization doesn’t skip a beat when the event leader or a key team member resigns.