Event Workforce Solutions


EAG provides expert resources to temporarily fill critical roles or a longer-term assignment to manage and execute several areas of an event or an entire event until an organization can fully staff and execute in-house.
EAG can also provide professional development and training for current and newly hired staff to improve their event planning and execution skills.

Many organizations don’t have the budget for dedicated event staff. Instead, organizations rely on shared internal resources or contractors to execute events or new initiatives, and too often, implementation is reactive and siloed. Many new strategies, programs or technology implementations simply fail because of the lack of focus or time needed to implement. And, if key personnel leave, many organizations don’t have succession planning in place to prevent major disruptions in the execution of the event.

Having enough resources and a skilled team to implement your event is paramount, but teams tend to be overworked and staff fall into the trap of implementing the same strategies year after year, expecting different results but not delivering on goals and objectives (insanity!).

EAG can provide the right resources at the right time to implement a new initiative or an entire event. Once the initiative or event is proven, EAG can help organizations bring the management in-house and transition the work to ensure ongoing sustainability.

Providing professional support for the internal team and improving staff proficiency and the probability for success can increase employee retention and satisfaction and reduce employee turnover as well.

Event Resources

EAG can fill interim leadership positions for the event and support areas (marketing, operations, meeting planning, etc.) or provide additional resources when key personnel leave or additional resources are needed for workload peaks, helping organizations ensure the event execution continues on schedule.

Implementing a major new initiative, executing a newly acquired event or launching a new event concept can be a very daunting and time-consuming process. Your staff already has their hands full managing their day-to-day responsibilities. Adding more work to an already taxed team can lead to staff frustration and increase the probability of failure for the initiative or event. There are a lot of great ideas and new events that never achieve their potential or end up getting cancelled but could succeed if the organization resourced them properly.

Until now, organizations had limited options for support. Organizations could take their chances hiring outside consultants and piece together a team, or hire full time staff, but these strategies can be risky, costly and do not guarantee success.

EAG can be a one-stop shop for event professionals with expertise across the full spectrum of disciplines and types of events. Our team has managed and marketed trade shows, conferences and events of all sizes, created new programs and products, implemented new technologies and launched event concepts that have become successful revenue producers and leaders in their respective industries.

EAG can develop and execute many new initiatives and concepts, achieving enterprise objectives and revenue targets, including:

  • New trade show, conference or event concept
  • Rebranding and expansion of an existing event
  • New pavilion, event-within-an-event or exhibit area
  • Online education platform for live streaming and on demand education
  • Matchmaking and appointment settinG

EAG can provide an experienced team for full event management & marketing support for your event, including developing the operating plan and executing all aspects of the event. With EAG’s collective 100+ years of event experience, your organization can be assured that every aspect will be handled professionally, on-time and within budget, and challenges will be addressed immediately to keep the initiative or event on track to success.

Professional Development

As event goals are reached and your team becomes more confident implementing new initiatives or an event, EAG can gradually transition event planning and execution responsibilities to the internal team or new staff. With an expert coach and trainer on our team, EAG can provide custom and tailored staff training and development programs to improve proficiencies and provide execution documents to develop internal best practices and processes in the following areas:

  • Event analysis and planning
  • Exhibit & sponsorships sales
  • Attendee marketing
  • Education programming development and speaker management
  • Contract negotiations and vendor management
  • Technology implementation and adoption
  • Budgeting and financial management
  • Pricing
  • Developing metrics and benchmarks
  • Resource planning and responsibilities

EAG can also help your organization with job descriptions, skill sets needed, and identify recruiting resources to fill positions quickly with the right expertise, as well as support leadership succession planning, so your organization doesn’t skip a beat when the event leader or a key team member resigns.