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DRIVE Leading data and analytics event for nonprofits

Event Advisory Group supports the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education to re-imagine DRIVE/ and improve event results

Event Advisory Group (EAG), an event consulting & management firm, provided event analysis, planning and assisted with execution services to the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) to improve financial performance and attendance for DRIVE/ 2019, the leading data and analytics event for nonprofit organizations. EAG helped CASE to increase exhibitor & sponsorship revenue over the prior year and improve attendance by more than 60%. In addition, EAG developed and executed the first exhibit sales renewal program, renewing 56% of the exhibitors to ensure continued exhibit growth for DRIVE/ 2020 to be held March 23 – 25 in New Orleans.

DRIVE/, acquired by CASE in 2015, originally was created and launched to address the gaps in data and analytics education within the nonprofit market. The event is now part of CASE’s AMAtlas, CASE’s global resource for education advancement metrics, benchmarks, and analytics. Once under CASE management, the organization realized that DRIVE/ would benefit from external expertise to help achieve greater outcomes and stand out amid the many data events already offered.

EAG was initially hired to conduct their proprietary 360° Review & Analysis, analyzing the last several years of results across all areas of the event, as well as assess data education offerings and gaps in the nonprofit market. From that analysis, EAG provided CASE with recommendations to improve DRIVE/’s financial performance, brand presence and participant value. In addition, EAG provided a business operating plan with detailed strategies, programs and timeline to help CASE effectively plan for and execute DRIVE/ 2019.

Realizing the importance of effectively implementing EAG’s recommendations and new strategies, CASE engaged EAG to serve as an extension of their event team to implement critical sales & marketing initiatives for DRIVE/ 2019. “EAG’s support and sales expertise was hugely valuable,” stated Fred Weiss, Chief Research and Data Officer at CASE. “It allowed CASE to focus on core responsibilities and have confidence that new initiatives would be aided by skilled event professionals.” Fred continued, “EAG provided an innovative approach to transform the exhibit hall into an engaging and interactive showcase for exhibitors with demonstration pods that improved suppliers’ satisfaction and attendee engagement with technology and service providers. With EAG’s help, financial, attendance and satisfaction results exceeded our goals.”

Karen Vogel, EAG partner and the CASE account lead, stated “there is tremendous potential for DRIVE/ to expand the education provided to nonprofits around the world, enabling education institutions and organizations to gain better insight and achieve outcomes across fundraising, marketing, donor/member relations, IT, financial and other areas. We are excited to continue to support CASE to expand DRIVE/ to a year-round education resource and showcase for new data, analysis, AI and other technologies and trends.”

“EAG provided a five-year strategic plan that outlines a strong future for DRIVE/, including potentially adding new programs, online education opportunities and international events,” stated Emily DeYoung, Senior Director of Educational Programs for CASE. “We look forward to realizing the potential of this vital education resource and provide enhanced value to our members.”


About CASE

CASE believes in advancing education to transform lives and society. As a global nonprofit membership association of educational institutions, CASE helps develop the communities of professional practice that build institutional resilience and success in challenging times. The communities include staff engaged in alumni relations, fundraising, marketing, student recruitment, stakeholder engagement, crisis communications and government relations. CASE is volunteer-led and uses the intellectual capital of senior practitioners to build capacity and capability across the world.

CASE has offices in Washington, D.C., London, Singapore and Mexico City. Member institutions include more than 3,700 colleges and universities, primary and secondary independent and international schools, and nonprofit organizations in 82 countries. CASE serves nearly 91,000 practitioners. For more information about CASE, please visit:


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Karen Vogel, CEM

Karen is an accomplished marketing & business development leader who has launched, revived and managed industry-leading trade shows and conferences for Reed Exhibitions and consulted with dozens of trade associations, publishers, event organizers, and Fortune 500 companies to improve event financial, attendance, lead generation, and brand results over her 25 year career.

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