EAG’s solutions are focused on empowering our clients to maximize the performance of their trade shows, conferences, meetings, executive summits, webinars, or corporate events.

With more than 100+ years of collective event management and marketing experience, our team can provide skilled analysis, short-term operational & long-term strategic planning, execution services, as well as experts that can lead the internal event team and / or provide expert staff to help execute sales, marketing and operations efforts, enabling organizations to achieve their desired results.

We have worked on start-up and newly acquired events, established trade shows and conferences, and those that need extra time and attention due to declining results. EAG can help at any stage or challenges your organization faces. Our solutions include:

Event Analysis and Planning

Event Advisory Group - Event Analysis and Planning

From a thorough review and analysis of past events to developing business operating and strategic plans, EAG can provide the road map and information needed to make informed decisions.

  • 360° Review & Analysis: Uncover new opportunities for event growth, areas for cost and time efficiencies, and barriers to achieving your event goals, helping leadership make informed decisions on the future of their event(s)
  • Event Valuations: If your organization is considering an event acquisition, EAG can assess the event assets and future potential, ensuring your investment produces a positive return
  • Business Operating and Strategic Plans: EAG can develop an event operating plan for your next event or a long-term strategic vision for the future.

Event Management Services

Event Advisory Group - Event Analysis and Planning

Whether your organization needs help with exhibit sales, attendance marketing, site selection, education programming or identifying new technologies, EAG can develop strategies, implement campaigns, and customize technologies to achieve event goals.

EAG can provide full sales, marketing and operations management and execution services or specific project support, including onsite space renewal programs, website development or redesign, and contact negotiations.

Event Workforce Solutions

Event Advisory Group - Event Workforce Solutions

EAG can fill a leadership role until a replacement is found or support your event staff with additional resources, minimizing execution disruptions, as well as provide coaching and training to your staff to improve their proficiencies and success.